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© 2019 Nuova Luna Wellness

Nuova  Luna's  Story


Hey everyone! My name is Loren, I am the owner of Nuova Luna Wellness, which means ‘new moon’ in Italian. 


I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the sales, the friendships I have built… in fact, it’s still my side hustle. I have a corporate 8-5 job as a Personal Assistant.  So, sometimes I feel a little bit like Super Woman (I’m joking, haha).


My dad was the one that got me into the spiritual world, he always used to tell me stories when he was growing up that connected him to the spiritual plain & how I was always a lot like him. He brought home crystals and gemstones for me all the time. I never knew what they were or what they did, until I started reading into it more and finally understood the magical properties of them. My favourite piece that he gave me was a raw rose quartz, a piece I will forever cherish. 


My dad passed away in April 2017, after that I knew my calling was to start Nuova Luna, to connect with like-minded people, grow myself, by myself and with others. Teaching others how to tap into their sense of self as well as providing the tools such crystals, oils, witchy goodness and various new age products. 

You’ll usually find me sipping coffee or waiting impatiently in line for Mexican food; dreaming of ways I can help other people learn about crystals, and oils and how they can utilise these tools in their every day lives to allow them live the best life they possibly can.


Ya wanna know what makes me feel amazing? Making people feel, own, and celebrate themselves and igniting a sense of self-worth… because sometimes this journey gets hella lonely. That’s why I am here. Let’s connect.


See you soon!